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The Journey So Far ...

Special Train from Okehampton to Weymouth

14 September 2019

The Train

OkeRail Forum in partnership with Great Western Railway and Dartmoor Railway are planning to run an express passenger train from Okehampton Station to Weymouth on Saturday 14th September 2019.

The train will depart from Okehampton at 08.15 and arrive...

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Letter to Scott Mann MP

27 June 2019

Summer Sunday Rail Service from Okehampton to Exeter

May to September 2019

The Summer Sunday Rail Service from Okehampton to Exeter recommences on the 19th May.

You can once more enjoy a comfortable traffic-free rail journey into the city centre over the remaining part of the route from Bude to the outside world.

Hopefully not long now before we see a...

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‘Swann Songs’ to Support Connect Bude

10 April 2019

Singers Jan Baker and Robert Barber, and pianist Peter Clarke, who recently became members of Connect Bude (the group that is campaigning to reconnect Bude and Holsworthy to the National Railway Network) have kindly offered to raise awareness and funds for Connect Bude, by performing their...

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The Future of Seaside Towns Report

4 April 2019

Review of House of Lords report on ‘The Future of Seaside Towns’ published 4 April 2019.

A note by Lord Shutt of Greetland (edited for these minutes). Bude is mentioned in the 100+ page report as...

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Public Meeting and AGM 2018

27 October 2018

A public meeting and AGM was held at the Falcon Hotel, Bude on Saturday 27 October, 11am - noon.

AGM minutes (Word doc)

Thank you to Bude and Beyond for writing a...

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Sunday Rail Service from Okehampton

Summer 2018

Great Western Railway ran trains to and from Okehampton every Sunday from 20 May until 9 September 2018.

Okehampton Sunday train service timetable (PDF)

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Royal Oke Special Train on 21 April

April 2018

Press Release from OkeRail

The Royal Oke special trains have a national impact with regard reopening the Okehampton to Exeter line. The Government, directed by Chris Grayling [Minister of Transport] had instructed GWR to prepare plans to reopen this line. GWR Regional Development Manger...

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Great News on Services Between Okehampton and Exeter!

January 2018

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said “We have instructed GWR to prepare plans to introduce regular train services to Okehampton, with the objective of securing a credible and costed plan for delivering an all-week, all-year train service between Exeter and Okehampton as soon as reasonably...

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Public Meeting and AGM 2017

October 2017

A Public Meeting and AGM is advertised for 11am Sat 21 October 2017 with the aim of starting to build a mass membership organisation.

Written Consitution Adopted

March - August 2017

Connect Bude adopts a written constitution, a logo and opens a bank account with TSB Bude.

Connect Bude is Born

December 2016 - February 2017

A representative of Bude Stratton Town Council joins the meetings and confirms that the council have agreed to set up a sub-committee entitled "Rail Reinstatement Working Group".

A proposal to change the name of our group from Bude & Holsworthy Railway Action Group to Connect Bude is...

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First Meeting

8 November 2016

The first meeting of Bude & Holsworthy Railway Action Group (B&HRAG) takes place with subsequent monthly meetings at The Falcon, Bude (who kindly offer free use of a room).

Representatives from Okerail  kindly offer their support and attend all our meetings. Representatives from...

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Public Meeting

15 October 2016

A Public Meeting is held at The Parkhouse Centre and 150+ people attend or send written apologies. Many people speak passionately about their reasons for wanting the return of the railway to Bude. Scott Mann M.P. attends.

Bude & Stratton Post invites the community to a public meeting

6 October 2016

On the 50th anniversary of the closure of the railway line to Bude,  a letter in the Bude & Stratton Post invites the community to a public meeting to discuss reopening the line.

The Last Train to Bude ... ?

March 2016

600+ people attend the Bude Youth Theatre production of  'The Last Train to Bude...?'

A 'referendum' after each performance shows 100% support for the idea of reopening the railway line to Bude.