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Connect Bude is Born

December 2016 - February 2017

A representative of Bude Stratton Town Council joins the meetings and confirms that the council have agreed to set up a sub-committee entitled "Rail Reinstatement Working Group".

A proposal to change the name of our group from Bude & Holsworthy Railway Action Group to Connect Bude is unanimously agreed.

The new group plans to grow membership rapidly and campaign to achieve the following core objectives that were agreed on 1 February 2017:

  1. To campaign to reconnect Bude and Holsworthy to the National Rail Network, initially via Okehampton.
  2. To promote an improved Rail service between Okehampton and Exeter and beyond.
  3. To ensure the track bed of the former railway is protected against further development.
  4. To garner the widespread community support of individuals, elected representatives and businesses in order to achieve the first three objectives.