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To Reconnect Bude and Holsworthy to the National Rail Network

Royal Oke Special Train on 21 April

The Royal Oke special trains have a national impact with regard reopening the Okehampton to Exeter line.  The Government, directed by Chris Grayling [Minister of Transport]  had instructed GWR to prepare plans to reopen this line ... On the 21st of April GWR will send representatives of their Swindon management team to travel on the train for the entire journey to assess public support for the line ...

Key Objectives of Connect Bude

  • To campaign to reconnect Bude and Holsworthy to the National Rail Network, initially via Okehampton.
  • To promote an improved rail service between Okehampton and Exeter and beyond.
  • To ensure the trackbed of the former railway is protected against further development.
  • To garner the widespread community support of individuals, elected representatives and businesses in order to achieve the first three objectives.